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While most of my friends were busy majoring in Bio Chemistry and Molecular Biology, Computer Science, or just majoring in something they thought was "fun and interesting" while still on the pre-med track, I was living in my studio busy making art. I think just about everyone asked me during my four years why I was majoring in art and I would always say: "Well... I'm not really good at anything else".

I have always loved art but, when I was nine, I gave myself a stern talking to and had a reality check. I couldn't really make a living out of my love for art. I had to be practical. So, naturally, nine-year-old me decided that the most logical thing to do would be to put all of my energy into math and science; the first of many mistakes. I decided I was going to be an aerospace engineer for NASA; the second mistake. I became completely absorbed in rockets, rovers, space exploration, infinity and beyond. So why am I not graduating with a degree in engineering, chemistry, computer science or literally anything math or science related? Eighth grade Algebra class, that's why. It dashed my hopes and dreams with every letter they added to the subject I thought only consisted of numbers.

For a while I had no idea what I was doing, or what I wanted to do. But sophomore year of high school I started taking art classes and I fell in love with the field all over again, thanks to many encouraging and inspiring art teachers. So after high school I went to Rhodes College to pursue a double major in Art & Art History. Even though art history was my favorite topic and continues to excite me everyday, I sadly was not able to finish the requirements for the art history major. But, I am so happy that I was able to focus on my own art instead. So I graduated with a BA in Art. Now what?

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