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Hi! I am Hannah Kate Lewellen and I'm an artist in Memphis, Tennessee. I am a proud Memphian and am so lucky to be surrounded by such talented creatives in this city who continue to inspire me everyday to grow and challenge myself as an artist and as an individual. I have loved collaborating with other artists in this city, learning from incredibly gifted intellectuals, and creating for friends, organizations, and other Memphians who believe in this city as much as I do. 
I graduated with a BA in Art in 2016 from Rhodes College where I completed my senior thesis culminating in a body of work exploring surreal landscapes, the sublime, and how we use the art making process and the product of that process as a means of escape from a world we are often so overwhelmed by.

As an artist, I understand that creative expression can play a powerful role in healing, learning, and processing. Art in all forms constantly asks us to shift our perspective, to open our minds, and to embrace our true selves. Art is not just about the finished product to buy, sell, and preserve, but it is also about the creative process. It is the physical making and creating of art that can be therapeutic, healing, transformative, expressive, and relieving. It's a tactile method to process the world around you in a much different way than verbal methods offer. It's a useful tool for many people struggling to put words to emotions. Art is not just a product with a price tag or a place on a wall, but a personal and reflective process unique to each of us. It is this ultimate realization that has led me to firmly believe in the use of arts in medicine and the creative arts in healthcare settings. You can read more about my journey into the world of arts and health here.

When I am not making art, I enjoy spending time outside with my service dog, Lemon. 
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