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The arts play an important role in healthcare spaces by helping us process, cope, and connect. From the art installed in clinics and hospitals to the music, dance, and crafts that are woven into patient care and treatment, the creative arts play a vital role in healing. 


I am excited to be working in this field and look forward to new opportunities as I explore the crossroads of my art practice and the work of healthcare providers, hospitals and research institutions, and especially the work of those dedicated to eliminating health disparities and building an equitable healthcare system.


I am privileged to work with the people of the companies and organizations below.

Their work improving the lives of children and families is an honor to be a part of.

Rita Ho-Bezzola founded Piper & Enza to provide families with strategies and resources to navigate through the fears and unknowns of growing up. I have been able to lend my illustration and graphic design skills as well as my own life experiences to create resources and materials for kids. Check out their website here.

CLOC_logo_transparent copy 2.png

Katie Taylor, CCLS, started Child Life on Call to help families face the challenges of having children in the hospital. I have loved working with Katie to publish a children's book, bring her logo new life, design marketing materials, and create medical illustrations for her app. Check out what she's doing here.



Le Bonheur Children's Hospital is recognized among the nation’s best children's hospitals. I  have had the joy of working with the Art Director, Linda Hill, as well as the Child Life Department to  create installations, art pieces, and even an activity book. Look through the projects I have produced so far here. 

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