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Back to School

Art created for Le Bonheur's four nurse's offices new to Shelby County Schools in 2019

I created sets of letters specifically for our four clinic spaces new to Shelby County Schools this year. They are wood letters with colored pencils covering the front of each. As one piece, it is easy to read and move on, but if you take a moment to engage with the individual letters you’ll see how each one is different, how the gradients vary. You’ll even notice that each letter has one pencil that is flipped to point in the opposite direction and is not a color within the same family of hues, rather that of the color’s compliment. Like a simple scavenger hunt. It’s all about using art as a way to engage, educate, distract, or calm children in clinic spaces.

There are also two large hearts painted as additional pieces for our larger spaces that we had to fill. One for an elementary school and another for a middle school.


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