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1,000 Cranes exhibit at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital by artist, Hannah Lewellen


I am passionate about bringing arts into the worlds of medicine and healthcare. I firmly believe in the power of art and its ability to help us process, cope, and connect. From the art installed in clinics and hospitals to the music, dance, and crafts that are woven into patient care and treatment, the creative arts play a vital role in healing. 


I am currently a contract artist at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital and loving every minute of it. Click the illustration of the stitched heart in the Memphis skyline below to look through the projects I have had the opportunity to create with them so far. I’ve had the privilege of working with patients and families on crafts, collaborative art projects, and I’ve watched how other expressive arts like music and dance, aid in healing and have been proven to produce better health outcomes. 


More things to come as I explore the crossroads of my art practice and the inspiring work of healthcare providers, hospitals and research institutions, and especially the work of those dedicated to eliminating health disparities and building an equitable healthcare system. 

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Look through the projects I have had the privilege of producing for Le Bonheur Children's Hospital 


Katie Taylor, CCLS, started Child Life on Call to help families face the challenges of having children in the hospital. I have loved working with Katie to bring her logo new life and help design marketing materials. Check out what she's doing here.

G-tube Book_Page_1.png

An educational activity book written by Le Bonheur Child Life specialists Kayla Black and Megan Doss. Illustrated by Hannah Kate. 


Explore the fun of hand washing with CCLS Katie Talyor's new children's book, The Super Silly Wash Your Hands Dance. Illustrated by Hannah Kate.

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