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I am an advocate for arts in medicine and healthcare. Whether it is the art hanging on the walls of a clinic or the way music, dance, and crafts are woven into care and treatment, the creative arts play a vital role in healing.  Look through projects below that I have done at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital and check out the new children's book I illustrated as well! More things to come as I explore the crossroads of my art practice and the inspiring work of healthcare providers and organizations.

Le Bonheur Children's Hospital

My love for art overlaps with my passion for helping children get through their toughest days. I am honored to watch every day how transformative the art at Le Bonheur is for its patients, families, and staff. I have been commissioned to create art for this hospital that is conducive to the space it will live in while also effectively sharing a desired message. I have enjoyed the challenges of these projects and the rewarding feeling of seeing people interact with the final products. Le Bonheur's art collection is thoughtfully and beautifully curated by Linda Hill who has taught me so much and has provided me with the opportunity to produce the projects featured below.


While at Le Bonheur, I’ve had the privilege of working with patients and families on crafts, collaborative art projects, and I’ve watched how other expressive arts like music and dance, aid in healing. What may seem like such trivial activities to some, can elevate a patient’s mood which has proven to produce better health outcomes. This connection between mind and body is important and can inform and shape methods of treatment. At Le Bonheur, the Child Life Department does an incredible job of using play, art, and music to help children deal with their questions and emotions while in the hospital. 


Le Bonheur Children's Hospital is truly  #allheART

Celebrate & Share the Le Bonheur Story

Paper sculptures for an event put together by Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital at Dixon Gallery and Gardens. These centerpieces were created to reflect the event's theme of celebrating and sharing the Le Bonheur story in order to help write our next chapter.

Le Bonheur & Shelby County Schools

Art created for Le Bonheur's four nurse's offices new to Shelby County Schools in 2019. 

Le Bonheur Christmas Decorations

Decking the halls with wreaths of holly constructed with paper leaves decorated by patients and their families in the Creative Arts Room. Also see the origami crane mobiles in the community room I folded and we installed for the season.

Le Bonheur's Associates Campaign

Celebrating the work of our associates with hand-painted signs 

Illustrations for Kids

The Super Silly Wash Your Hands Dance

I recently had the opportunity to illustrate a children's book for a really amazing Child Life Specialist. Owner and founder of the podcast, Child Life On Call, Katie Taylor has written this cute story to encourage kids to wash their hands and to make it fun! It is now available for purchase on Amazon. Click here to buy it today!

The Super Silly Wash Your Hands Dance Coloring Pages

I turned my illustrations from the book, The Super Silly Wash Your Hands Dance, by Katie Taylor, into a coloring book for kids to learn as they get creative! If you are a parent that needs some activities to occupy your children during this quarantine and also want to educate them on hygiene, click the PDF button below to download a free copy of the pages. Happy coloring!